Let our digital artists bring your old photos to new life!

Only $45.00 per photo restored in most cases!

Additional costs may apply for extremely damaged photos

Diane Before

Diane Restored

Phil and Diane Before

Phil and Diane Restored

Dad Before

Dad Restored

Our artists can...

  • Brighten dark photos
  • Bring color and vibrancy back to faded photographs
  • Repair scratched or torn images
  • Colorize black and white photographs
  • Repair water damaged images
  • Remove unwanted objects in photos
  • Remove wrinkles and blemishes

Send Us Your Photo

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Upload or Email

Upload Your Image

Two ways to do it
  • Scan your photograph into your computer then upload it to us
  • Take a photograph of it then email it to us

Email Photo

NOTE: Scanning a photograph into your computer will give us the best quality image to work with. If you don't have a scanner, you can take it to a store that has printing services and have them scan it and email you the digital file. Alternatively, you can take a photograph of it with your cellphone then upload or email it to us. Please, make sure, though, to take it without a flash or a glare on it. Also, please take the photo with the highest quality (pixels) your phone will allow. When emailing us your photograph, please include your name and cellphone number so we can call you to discuss your order.


Mail Your Photo

Mail your photo to us

We will handle your photograph with the utmost of care then return it to you when we are done restoring it.

Select Mail

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to mail the photograph to us in a photo mailing envelope or make your own by putting it between 2 pieces of cardboard. Place that sandwiched photo into an oversized envelope and mail it to us. Also, please include your phone number so we can call you discuss your order once we receive your photograph.

Pick Your Additional Options

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Besides the photo restoration base rate of $45.00 that covers correction for lighting and repair of scratches and other damage like fading and water damage, our digital artist offer these premium services for an additional fee:

Blemish and Wrinkle Removal

Blemish and Wrinkle Removal


Retouch your photographs to remove wrinkles and blemishes.


Select This Option

Object Removal

Object Removal

$5.00 per object removed

Please describe in the box below what objects you want removed

NOTE: This is for objects with a simple background behind them. If the background is detailed or complex, additional fees may apply since our artists have to paint in the background to replace the object that was removed. One of our digital artist will call you if additional fees are required.

Select the number of objects to be removed:




Colorize your Black and White photos.


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Ordering prints and frames

*Must select a print size and finish from the drop-down chart below*

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Our digital artist will work hard to restore your cherished photograph. Once our artists have completed your heirloom photo, we will mail your choice of a 5x7 or an 8x10 of the picture to the address of your choosing.

You may purchase the digital file of your As If You Were There portrait for $60.00. This will allow you to make as many copies of your picture that you would like at a photo lab of your choice.

Yes! I want the digital file emailed to me!

Select This Option


If you want to order additional prints or a canvas print of your photograph, we offer our Embassy prints and our Sovereign canvas prints. Please select these from the drop-down menu in the pricing chart below. We also offer framing if you would like to have your picture framed. See the pictures of the frames we have available below to choose your frame. Please note that Canvas prints do not need traditional frames since they are wrapped around a 3/4" wooden stretcher frame.

Canvas Print Depth
Canvas Print

The 1st 5x7 or 8x10 print is free but please make certain to include which size and finish you want in the selection chart to the right.


Frame Pricing

Please select your Embassy or Sovereign print and framing choices from the drop-down list below. Please repeat this selection process for each different print size you choose
(If having your picture framed, please see the pictures of the frames below then choose that frame name from the drop-down list here)

Selection Chart

Print Size QTY Print Finish Frame Type Glass Type

If picking a frame, see pictures of the frame choices below then pick that frame name from the Frame Type column above

  • Beaded Mahogany

    Beaded Mahogany

  • Black Curved

    Black Curved

  • Black Flat Metal

    Black Flat Metal

  • Black Flat

    Black Flat

  • Black Rounded

    Black Rounded

  • Bronze Ornate

    Bronze Ornate

  • Gold Accent

    Gold Accent

  • Gold Ornate

    Gold Ornate

  • Pewter Ribbed

    Pewter Ribbed

  • Silver Curved

    Silver Curved

  • Silver Metal

    Silver Metal

  • Silver Ornate

    Silver Ornate

Processing and Shipping

*Must select a shipping option in this section*

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Processing and Shipping

Since this is a custom product that our digital artists create, it can take up to 7 to 10 days to complete. We will, however, do our best to get it out before that time, if at all possible. If you have a special occasion that you need to receive the photo by, that is sooner than our usual processing and shipping times, please call us directly to see whether the order may be expedited to meet your needs.

NOTE: Please be aware that the expected delivery time frame listed in this chart is in addition to the 7-10 day processing time to create your one-of-a-kind photo.

Processing and Shipping

Please remember that the shipping times above do not include the 7-10 day processing time it takes for our artists to create your Jesus with You portrait. You must add the processing time and the shipping time together to determine the date you should expect to receive the portrait. Of course if you order the digital file only, then the shipping time is not applicable. We will send the digital file directly to your email once our artists have completed your portrait.

If you need your order mailed to more than one shipping address please call us at 281-543-1217. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Contact Information

*Must fill out all your contact information below*

It is important for us to have your contact information so that we can reach you if we have any questions about your order.

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