About Paula

Paula Thorne is the owner and lead artist behind Paula Thorne Impressions. Although she worked most of her life in business and the health field, she found her greatest joy in making photo creations on the computer. She has spent countless hours perfecting a very unique type of digital art, the art of placing you or your loved ones in pictures with Jesus. Here is how she got started doing this:

"It all started after my Mom, who was my best friend, died of cancer. She had a strong faith and I knew she was up in Heaven with Jesus. I actually pictured her, in my mind's eye, in the arms of Jesus. For the first Christmas after she passed, which was my Mom's actual birthday, I decided to try to make a pictorial representation of what I knew in my heart to be true. I created a sketch of her sitting with Jesus, beaming with joy. I then sent that picture out to friends and family who knew and loved her. Many of them said it was a wonderful picture and was very comforted because it depicted how they envisioned my Mom, up in Heaven in the arms of Jesus. It made me think that there might be others who would be comforted with having a pictorial representation of their loved one with Jesus in Heaven. But the ideas didn't stop there. I thought that maybe people might like pictures of Jesus with their newborn baby or with their young child. I also thought that maybe putting Jesus in the place of a minister at a wedding would be a wonderful idea since Jesus is in the center of a bride and groom's vows. When the ideas and images just kept coming and wouldn't go away, I decided to see if I could make a business of doing this artform. My prayer is that these custom portraits will bring comfort and peace to all those who commission my staff and I to make them."

Mom and Jesus

Another aspect of Paula's business includes creating "As if you were there" portraits, where she and her staff bring together pictures of friends and family members who live spread out around the world into one portrait. For example, if a grown child can't be with their mother on her birthday, that child can be placed in a picture with his or her mother, smiling at her with love. She also has a photo restoration business where she repairs old photographs and can even colorize black and white pictures. To learn more about these other areas, just select "As if you were there" or "Photo restoration" from the services menu on the Home page.

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